====== Installation of Twonky Media Server 4.4 on hifidelio ====== Source: [[| Forum: Installation of Twonky Media Server 4.4 on hifidelio]] (c) blechkiste [[|casino deutschland]] ===== Preparation ===== * Get your 30 days trial copy of "Twonky Media Server 4.4" from Twonky Vision: * Create a folder "twonkymedia" and unzip the downloaded file into this folder * Copy the complete folder from your PC/Mac to to the "IMPORT" folder of your hifidelio * Stop all UPnP related hifidelio services (UPnP/AV, Nach UPnP/AV suchen, Steuerung durch UPnP/AV) in "Einstellungen & Extras" -> "Netzwerk" -> "Dienste ===== Installation of Twonky Media Server 4.4 ===== **Required tools: telnet** - telnet <IP of your hifidelio> and login as root (password same as username) - copy your "Twonky Media Server" folder from the "import" folder to the new destination "/usr/local/": <code>cp -R /audio/import/twonkymedia /usr/local/</code> - change to the "twonkymedia" folder: <code>cd /usr/local/twonkymedia</code> - set the exe(cutable) bit for the server file, plugins and the cgi scripts: <code>chmod 700 twonkym* cgi-bin/* plugins/*</code> - Start your "Twonky Media Server": <code>/usr/local/twonkymedia/ start</code> ===== Configuration of Twonky Media Server 4.4 ===== **Required tools: web browser** - Use your web browser in order to configure your "Twonky Media Server": ''http://<IP address of your hifidelio>:9000'' - Click on "First steps" in the "Basic Setup" menu on the left and give your "Twonky Media Server" a name like i.e. "hifidelio" - Click on "Restart server" above and wait until the configuration page is displayed correctly again - Click on "Sharing" in the "Basic Setup" menu on the left, enter "/audio/music" in the first "Content Location" and choose "Music-only" from the pulldown menu - Click on the button "Rescan content directories" above (Scanning your music library can take some time, depending on the amount of music files!) ===== Testing ===== It's time to fire up your PS3 or probably any other UPnP client, compatible with "Twonky Media Server 4.4". Check this link for compatibility: In the "Musik" menu, select "Medienserver suchen" and wait until the PS3 tells you that it has found one server. Now select the server "hifidelio" (or any other name as given in step 2) and enjoy music. If you have MP3 files with embedded cover arts, you'll be glad to see them on your TV now Wink ===== Options ===== If you want your "Twonky Media Server" to start up automatically after a reboot of your hifidelio, you need to edit manually a script (rc.local) on the hifidelio using a couple of commands. I recommend you to backup the script before editing and you should be a bit familiar with editiong tools for Linux. Myself, I'm using "vi" and the instructions below are based on "vi". Check out the following link for a couple of basic "vi" commands: - telnet <IP of your hifidelio> and login as root (password same as username) - Backup your "rc.local": <code>cp /etc/rc.d/rc.local /etc/rc.d/rc.local.bak </code> - Edit "rc.local" using "vi": <code>vi /etc/rc.d/rc.local</code> - Use your cursor and go down to the last line (in my case it was the line "''touch /var/lock/subsys/local''" - Use command ''<SHIFT/A>'' to begin a new line (now you're in the edit mode of "vi") - Enter the following line: <code>/usr/local/twonkymedia/ start</code> - Use command ''<ESC>'' (you've left the editing mode) - Exit "vi" with command '':wq'' In case you've messed up your file "rc.local", copy back the backup file: <code>cp /etc/rc.d/rc.local.bak /etc/rc.d/rc.local</code> ===== Options, Plan B, might be easier ===== Typing the following line on the hifidelio command prompt will add the required line to the rc.local file without using any editor ;-) (Use this instead of the above point number 3-8) <code>echo "/usr/local/twonkymedia/ start" >> /etc/rc.d/local</code>

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