====== TidyMP3 ====== ===== Links ===== * [[|TidyMP3 Homepage]] ===== General description ===== From the homepage: "This tool removes every kind of trash from your mp3-files. It searches for valid mp3 audiodata-frames and removes everything else. This has the big advantage that it will also remove tags which are in the middle of the file (as is the case with joined tracks) as well as broken frames (half-downloads) and malicious tags (Tag-buffer-overflow bug in WinAMP and Windows XP). Use this tool to cleanup your mp3z before you add your own tag. No more double tags, or annoying 'Lyrics'data containing groupnames or misspelled songnames." If your files look or behave weird, try this. I had trouble with several files from beatport crashing Traktor upon opening the browser - after clearing them with TidyMP3 and re-tagging all was fine... ===== Main features ===== * 32-bit command-line tool that runs on every Windows-version since Win95. * Cleans every kind of tag or lyrics from your mp3-files: ID3v1, ID3v2, LYRICS3 * Frame-reconstructor * Donationware

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